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Course “ Makeup for yourself “

Course “ Makeup for yourself “

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This is not just a Makeup for Yourself course.
This is primarily a selection of cosmetics for you.
During the course, I pay great attention to the morphology of your face and the technique of applying cosmetics. I provide cosmetics and brushes for training.

On the course you will learn:
- About preparing the skin for makeup, my techniques and tricks;
- Professional base and light coverage;
- About the basics of makeup;
- Where to buy everything;
- A set of makeup brushes;
- About concealer and sculpting;
- How to choose cosmetics on the Internet;
- What cosmetics and paints are suitable for you for independent purchases;
- You will stop making useless purchases of cosmetics;

- Analysis of your cosmetic bag;
- Which powder and for which skin is suitable;
- Blush analysis, modeling and application technique;

More on the course.

Course duration 1 day - 3-3.5 hours

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