Feminine, Stylish, Gentle

Every woman is unique and beautiful! And I know how to emphasize your individuality and beauty! I create truly elegant and stylish images, taking into account the latest trends and the individual characteristics of each client.


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Our Priorities

9 years of experience with over 4000 satisfied clients and brides all over the world


(I am for beauty and aesthetics, so in our make-up you will not see a very dense foundation and a lot of hairspray); 

- The Best cosmetics and tools 

(We work mainly on first-class cosmetics and use the most technologically advanced hair stylers); 

-Durability of make-up and hair (experience allows you to create make-up and hair that look beautiful all day long);

- Assistance in the selection of makeup and hairstyles (We are always ready to help with the selection of makeup and hairstyles and give our recommendations); 

- Disinfection (we always have clean brushes and tools); 

- Respect for hair (We always work only with thermal protection and avoid high temperatures in tools); 

- Punctuality and compliance with deadlines (We will arrive on time and prepare you for the right time); 

- Maintaining privacy as you wish

(We do not allow ourselves to publish your photos on social networks without your consent);

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