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Course “ Hair stylist ”

Course “ Hair stylist ”

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No haircuts!

Hairstyle course 6 days

I provide everything for work (tools, styling, models)

1 lesson 2-2.5 hours

1 Day

Theory + practice
Styling/Curling/ Hair Analysis
How to hold a curling iron, twist it, how to style hair at the roots.
Working out classic moving curls on the model.

2 Day
Working with volume,
Work on Hollywood curls.

3 Day
Texture + transformation into a hairstyle( ponytail/bun )

4 Day

Modern hair curler with durability and volume for up to 3 days.

Traformation in European bun.

5 Day

Working on straight hair. Straight hair bun.

6 Day
Stylish modern sleek bun.

Course only individual, not in a group!
Also, you can take one of the lessons separately (without a full course)

Price for 1 lesson -$450;

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