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Makeup Professional Course

Makeup Professional Course

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I provide cosmetics, brushes, models during training.  1 lesson lasts 2.5 hours.

All practical make-up lessons you do under my mentorship on the model.

Cosmetics, Brushes for work and Models I provide.

On the course, I teach not only the profession of a makeup artist, but also tell the nuances of working in this profession. How to work with clients, how to photograph works, etc.

Theoretical part!

Skin types and their features of preparing for makeup.  Luxury cosmetics, why a make-up artist should be well versed in the latest in not only decorative cosmetics, but also care products.

1. Understand fashion and style.  Psychology of communication with clients, work with objections.

2. Morphology of the face: shapes of faces, eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows and ways to correct them.

3. Color theory, color wheel, color types, theory of contrasts in appearance.  Introduction to different textures.  All about brushes.  Proper care of working tools.  Hand disinfection.

4. Recommendations for current advertising and further promotion of yourself as a stylist.  The subtleties of work in the cabin!  Modern ways of processing photos using applications.

2nd day!

Preparation of the skin for makeup, selection of tonal products, corrector, powder.  Dry facial.  nude make up.  Working with leather .Working on dry textures.  Working on a model.

3rd day!

Eye makeup "light-smoky" on a pencil/cream base.

4th day!

Arrows and the basics of building the shape of the lips.

Hollywood makeup.

5th day!

Cream and gel textures in eye and face makeup.  Modern technique of layering various textures in makeup.

6th day!

  smokey eyes.  Mixed technique of shading shadows on a gel and pencil substrate.

+ Makeup for a photo shoot.  Principles of working with a photographer.

7th day!

Makeup "Shaded arrow".

8th day!

The subtleties of working with brides.  Trial makeup.  Permanent makeup.  Correction of the shape of the eye with the help of beam eyelashes.

9th day!
Lifting makeup, the principles of anti-aging effect and the psychology of working with older clients.

Course only individual, not in a group!
Also, you can take one of the lessons separately (without a full course)

Price for 1 lesson - $450;

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